In an effort to improve the healthcare of those being actively trafficked, and offer the possibility of freedom, we are conducting a national (USA) survey of human trafficking survivors. This is an anonymous survey about the healthcare experiences of survivors, while they were being trafficked.

We are recruiting not-for-profit organizations to advertise, in their offices, about the survey.

Survivors are welcome to complete the survey online or in paper form (available in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole).

If your not-for-profit organization wishes to learn more about this project, please email the Principal Investigator, at


This is a consent to enroll. Survivors do not need to sign anything, this document simply gives more information about the survey.

Take the survey: This is the survey itself. Survivors may complete it online or in paper form (see below). To project anonymity, survivors who chose to complete the paper form should contact their local anti-trafficking not-for-profit organization and ask the organization to send us the survey.